Senin, 14 April 2014

Foreign investors domination Indonesian Tourism Sector

The growth of the tourism sector in the ASEAN region recorded the highest . During the period 2005-2012 , the ASEAN tourism grew by an average 8.3 percent per year , well above the average global growth of just 3.6 percent .

Even in 2013 , the flow of tourists to ASEAN countries reached 92.7 million , an increase of 12 percent over the previous year , while only 5 per cent of global growth .

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Mari Elka Pangestu , in APKASI International Trade and Investment Summit ( AITIS ) 2014 , Monday ( 14/04/2014 ) said that Indonesia's tourism sector is the most prepared to deal with the AEC .

Let's explain , in 2013 investment in the tourism sector reached 602.648 million U.S. dollars of foreign investment consists of 462.47 million U.S. dollars , while domestic investment only 140.18 million U.S. dollars . " Most of these investments to build hotels and restaurants , " said Mari .

Mari explained , some investments are being made ​​in anticipation of increased demand , made ​​domestic carriers , including Hotel Santika Group adaah , TAUZIA Hotel , and Dafam Hotel . All three are listed as the most aggressive operators to expand .

The plan , they will add 140 hotel chain until next year . As for the foreign operators , Carlson Rezidor with its partner PT Panorama Group planning to build 20 hotels in the next 5-7 years .

In addition , a number of foreign operators in the country also hold operators in expanding . Call it the Aston Hotel , which is planning to build 150 hotels in the next 3-5 years . While the Accor Group aims to have 100 hotels by 2015 .

On the agenda were held April 14 to 17 2014 at the theme " Sustainable Global Economic Partnership " Mari added that last year the tourism sector generates income of 10 billion U.S. dollars . This achievement puts fourth tourism sector that generates income after oil , coal , and oil palm .
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"Tourism also contributes 3.8 percent to the national GDP , and create as many as 10.18 million jobs or 8.9 percent nationwide reach , " said Mari .


Sabtu, 12 April 2014

Multi Chat Application Account

Before the appearance of the BlackBerry , people generally use Yahoo Messenger and Facebook to communicate with each other . After its flagship BlackBerry BBM service entered the domestic market , the use of Instant Messaging on the PC began to decrease . However weaknesses that are often encountered in mobile chat app is the lack of integration with chat application that runs on a PC platform . To overcome this , you can use the IM + application . Check out his review below :

1 . Download and install IM +

2 . Open IM + and IM + continue to use . If your Android phone has two GMail accounts , IM + will ask you to select one of the account to be used .
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3 . IM + supports your Facebook, Yahoo Messenger , Google Talk , Windows Live , Skype , Mig33 , Jabber and so on .

4 . Instant messaging account Please select the PC you want to use diponsel . To login please select the account tab and enter your user name and password .

5 . To start chatting please tap the Contacts tab and select the friend you want to chat .


Kamis, 10 April 2014

Three "Drone" Come Falling in South Korea from North Korea

Ministry of Defence South Korea (ROK ) , Friday ( 04/11/2014 ) , said it believes three unmanned aircraft ( drones ) were found fallen in recent weeks came from North Korea (Korea ) .

Drone wreckage was found in three different places , including Baengnyeong Island which lies near the disputed sea border between the two countries .

" By examining the three aircraft and devices that are in it , we have secured various pieces of evidence that all point to North Korea , " the defense ministry said in a press statement .

Third drone - which has a length of about one meter , two meters wide , and painted light blue - comes with a camera . Memory card containing photos of the border region and the capital city of Seoul , including the presidential palace , although of poor quality , the ministry said .
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Components drones have come from various countries , including South Korea , United States , Japan , and China , and all of them are widely available . However , all the components of the serial number has been " deliberately deleted , " the ministry said , adding that U.S. forensic experts will help carry out further analysis on the drones .


Rabu, 09 April 2014

L'Oreal supported women researchers Indonesia

L' Oreal through the L'Oréal - UNESCO program For Women in Science ( FWIS ) National provide financial support for women researchers Indonesia .

Head of Communication of PT L' Oreal Indonesia , Melanie Masriel , say , a program that has been underway since 2004, it aims to promote careers in the Indonesian women researchers , encouraging the development of talented female researchers and female researchers rewarding those who got the achievement .

" L' Oreal is also growing thanks to science and the program is devoted to appreciate science , " he said in Jakarta on Wednesday . 2014 National FWIS programs provide funding for four female researchers worth Rp80 million for each winner of the category of Life Science and Materials Science .

All women researchers Indonesia maximum 37-year -old has a master's degree and be eligible for the National FWIS . Application programs can be downloaded at the proposal submission deadline of August 1, 2014 .
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In Indonesia , until last year , the program has given scholarships to 34 female researchers to conduct research projects that five of them have been recognized internationally . One was Ruth A Ningrum , Biotechnology Research Center LIPI researcher .

Research proposal aims to develop protein FWIS 2013 for cancer and hepatitis drugs that can be administered orally .